Christian McCaffrey Slams ‘Evil’ Influencer Who Criticized Olivia Culpo

Christian McCaffrey puts a stop to this criticism.

San Francisco 49ers player responds after fashion influencer disapproved of Dolce & Gabbana wedding dress Olivia Culpo wore during the couple’s June 29 ceremony in Rhode Island.

After Kennedy Bingham criticized After Culpo said she didn’t want the dress to “sex up” her wedding, McCaffrey stood up for his wife.

“What a bad thing to post online,” he commented under the critic’s July 1 Instagram post. “I hope you can find joy and peace in the world like my beautiful wife does.”

The stylist responded to McCaffrey’s post in the comments, calling out the “patriarchal” nature of her post and asking why he felt it was bad that she “addressed the potential internalized misogyny behind her reasoning.”

In her video, Bingham explained that the wedding dress was “beautiful, simple and elegant,” but she also noted that it was Culpo’s explanation of the style that irked her.

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