Kettlebell + Yoga Classes


Kettlebell + Yoga Classes

Online Kettlebell + Yoga Classes!

Monthly membership $55.00

Kettlebell + Yoga classes at your fingertips. Follow along with me anytime you choose. All you need is an ipad, a smart phone or computer and wi-fi.


  • Full access to Kettlebell Mobility, Endurance, and Strength videos

  • Restorative and Yoga Flow videos

  • Monday-Saturday programming and monthly focus goals (take the guesswork out of your fitness program!)

  • Quality instruction that is easy and fun to follow along with

  • 60 minute, 45 minute, 35 minute, and 20 minute videos to complement your other activities or as a stand alone program

  • New videos added monthly

  • Simple, efficient and effective strength training!

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Kettlebell FAQ

Kettlebell FAQ


I recommend kettlebells from White Lion Athletics. These are cast iron, powder coated kettlebells that are smooth on your hands and ergonomic in their shape. The size of the kettlebell changes according to the weight. Lighter kettlebells are smaller, and heavier kettlebells are larger. This makes for a more progressive lifting experience.

Kettlebell set A - “GENTLE START”

This Starter Set is perfect for those who are newer to strength training, new to shoulder mobility movements, new to the hip hinge, or for those who have taken a long break from strength training and want to start at the beginning. The Kettlebell weights are appropriate for those who may be recovering from injury, or who want to ease into Kettlebell training gently. 

4kg (for mobility work)

6kg (for shoulder work)

8kg (for squats and swings)

12kg (for deadlifts and carries)

I recommend purchasing a 3 foot Foam Roller from White Lion Athletics as well.

Kettlebell starter Set B - “FOUNDATIONS”

This Kettlebell Set is my most popular set. The light bell size is appropriate for mobility work, is versatile in a variety of contexts, and will be used in your practice for years to come. The heavier bell is appropriate for deadlifts and carries. If you can lift your 35 pound suitcase at the airport, you can lift this 16kg kettlelbell!

6kg = (for mobility work)

8kg = (for shoulder work)

12kg = (for squats and swings)

16kg = (for deadlifts and carries)

I recommend purchasing a 3 foot Foam Roller from White Lion Athletics as well.

Kettlebell Starter Set C - “EVOLVE”

This Kettlebell Set will allow you to evolve into your Kettlebell mobility and strength. It is for those who are injury free, or for those who have some experience with strength and mobility training. The lightest bell can be used in a variety of contexts, and the heaviest bell will provide excellent feedback for movement awareness and technique.

8kg= (for mobility work)

12kg = for shoulder work)

16kg = for squats and swings)

20kg= for deadlifts and carries)

I recommend purchasing a 3 foot Foam Roller from White Lion Athletics as well.



This complete Kettlebell Set has you covered. It is highly recommend for everyone and everything when it comes to Kettlebell training at home. It will give you bell sizes to work with in the early stages, for ongoing shoulder mobility and stability work, and heavier bells to grow into in the months and years to come. Shipping is cheaper when you purchase more bells all at once so it’s worth your while to go for this all at once! 

6kg, 8kg, 12kg, 16kg, 20kg, 24kg

I recommend purchasing a 3 foot Foam Roller from White Lion Athletics as well.

What you get:

  • one 15 minute video answering the who, what, where, why and when to kettlebell

  • one 30 minute video where you will be guided thorough your posture, a neutral spine position, your hip hinge, and kettlebell carries

  • one 45 minute video reviewing the basics of squats and lunges, and introducing the feedback from a kettlebell in these positions

  • one 45 minute video to look at your overhead position, your core awareness, and guide you through overhead mobility and kettlebell carries

—These videos will be accessible for 6 months after your purchase—

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