Police chase erratic driver in suspected stolen vehicle through San Fernando Valley

The driver of a suspected stolen vehicle led officers on a high-speed chase through the San Fernando Valley Thursday evening.

The male driver, in a red Toyota Prius, is believed to be driving a stolen vehicle.

The suspect reached speeds of 60-70 miles per hour on public roads, ignored red lights and drove on the wrong side of the road.

At one point he turned into a dead-end side street. With nowhere to go, he slammed into a metal fence, shattering his windshield and causing extensive damage to the front and driver’s side of the car.

The suspect then drove onto the highway, narrowly avoiding multiple vehicles as he zigzagged through traffic and reached speeds of over 100 miles per hour.

The chase began around 7:45 p.m., with multiple San Fernando police units following closely behind.

The suspect eventually turned off through the gate of an apartment complex at 10400 Sunland Boulevard in Sunland.

He tried to ram the gate open, but was unsuccessful. He immediately jumped out of the car and ran into the apartment complex, before hiding in a house.

Officers have surrounded the complex and are searching for the man.

According to reports, the vehicle was involved in a pursuit by Burbank police earlier that day, during which the vehicle was lost.

You can watch footage of the chase in the video player above.

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