Samsung Galaxy Buds3 retail box leaks, new stem design confirmed

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds line launched in 2019, as the company recently reminded us ahead of its July 10 Unpacked event, where it’s expected to unveil the Galaxy Buds3 . And in those five years, no model has ever adopted a stem design.

That’s all set to change next week, as the Galaxy Buds3 are in fact the first Galaxy Buds to feature stems. This information had been leaked previously, and today an image of their retail box confirms the move.

Of course, a lot of people are going to complain about how Samsung is “copying Apple” here, but there are probably hundreds of other companies that have released true wireless earbuds with a voice-style design in the past few years. Samsung is just the latest to adopt this design, and maybe that’s for the better?

Aside from the Galaxy Buds+ that launched in 2020 (which don’t even have ANC), all of Samsung’s earbuds have had pretty mediocre mic performance, to put it mildly. So we’re hoping that the switch to stems, thanks to the design that brings the mics closer to your mouth, could eventually result in a new pair of Galaxy Buds with great mic performance.

Of course, the Buds3 are expected to get ANC. Apple may have “invented” the stem-style earbud, but the stems of Samsung’s upcoming earbuds have a very angular design that (perhaps intentionally) differs quite a bit from Apple’s.


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