‘The perfect match’ – Bearman and new team boss Komatsu on 19-year-old’s multi-year Haas deal

Bearman is an incredibly likeable person, who lights up a room the moment he walks in and opens his mouth. He has fitted in very quickly at Haas, which has always been a team with a close-knit family atmosphere (this was one of the key qualities that attracted Kevin Magnussen to the team and brought out the best in him in 2017). Every time he has worked with the team, he has brought a buzz.

“To improve this team, the driver is a key component,” Komatsu added. “He has a natural personality that is very motivating and positive. This is great because it is a tough track. We have 24 races and triple headers, so it can be tiring.

“Having someone like him – a bubbly guy, a very positive guy – lifts the whole team up. When the driver leads like that, it helps the team to improve its game.”

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Bearman: ‘I found a perfect new family in Haas’

It had long been thought that Bearman would make his Formula 1 debut next season. It was only after the Austrian Grand Prix last weekend, just a few days before the news was to become official, that he was finally told that he would be allowed to drive for Haas.

“It’s been a long time coming,” Bearman told F1.com. “In F1, nothing is confirmed until pen is put to paper, which was actually on Wednesday morning. It’s been a crazy few months. I’m really happy that it’s official and out there.”

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